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Designing an Application


iBusiness empowers its technology, deep domain knowledge, consulting capabilities, Methodology for Assembling requirements & to deliver next-generation, future-ready application, Framework & solutions to accelerate the development life cycle , Delivery enablers such as Design thinking approach & powerful governance model which help our clients in meeting their strategic business innovation and expecation.

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We combine the power of leading platforms such as Microsoft, Salesforce and more — with our intelligence, innovation and industry capabilities to drive large-scale, industry leading solutions on digital customer experience  and helps clients overcome disruption and lead transformation in their industries.

Our solutions address industry specific problems using Microsoft Development Framework, Azure Cloud, Office 365, Azure AI/ML .


From the development of new applications, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.


IBS commited to providing tailored business solutions by creating value with its enhanced application development services.

iBusiness helps businesses accelerate go-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle through its expertise, automation, reusable components and licensed third party tools. By leveraging the iBusiness's Design Thinking and Agile methodology and  qualified BA, Architecture and Design Team ensures the organizations can benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. Our Quality team comprises of of automation experts and domain experts make sure quality deliverables.   

Further, the iBusiness DevOps team provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.


iBusiness's AMS is powered with System Analysis, Due Deligence , Level 1& 2 support, Feature Addition and Enhancement in Level 3. 

We at IBS help clients’ businesses to continuously reinvent system landscapes and achieve IT goals that align with business needs. By aligning IT with business value, we help clients push the envelope beyond cost and quality.

IBS AMS framework components includes, 

-  Intelligent Ticket Analysis for to achieve Increased Transprancy 

-  Project & Service Management

- Knowledgebase systems to capture resolutions along with documentation. 

-  Automated & Proactive resolution based on ticket pattern powered by Atlassian- Jira tool .



IBS Provides Technology oriented Consulting for Application Services across the business verticals.

IBS provides Domain and technology consulting for Application Development and Maintenance, through pool of expert and advisory services. 

Our Technology Consulting mission, For us innovative next-generation architecture is based on open source, enabled on cloud, scalable for the web, and based on reactive and micro-services architecture. Powered by people and software, our experts do more by leveraging tools, accelerators, and frameworks to provide comprehensive technology services.



IBS provides domain-specific consulting for application services.

This is done by combining business and technology expertise to deliver comprehensive services for the application engagement lifecycle. Our domain experts help clients starting from requirement gathering,  strategy definition, value realization, implementation, and operations.

we Support clients in their transformational journey through comprehensive documentation with team comprises of Program Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Analysts. 

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) proactively determine staffing and training requirements at the beginning of the engagement, which helps in reducing unexpected costs. Additionally, our Center of Excellence (CoE) leverages an onsite-offshore model, ensuring optimal utilization of resources, cost-efficiency, and higher productivity.

Our COE team also helps to choose the right business processes which helps to evaluate and select the best third party products, Prepare POC and Assess the post implementation maintenance and support .



IBS  is commited to Enhancing Human centric experience to delight the customer with differentiated customer experience. 

IBS Customer experience transformation team helps clients transform their business and accelerate their value by designing experiences. We build product and service solutions from a truly human-centered approach that’s further validated through a data-driven and agile approach to drive measurable value.

Our User Experience Service Offerings include

-  Engagement Strategy, Understand Customer requirement to create actionable plans to acquire, convert and retain customers and enhance customer engagement.

-  Experience Design , Designing differentiated experiences that accelerates the conversions and enhance customer engagement.



IBS IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies makes us the preferred choice in many of client's digital transformation.

Our technology consulting and system integration services have helped our clients drive change through datacenter transformation, Cloud migration, workplace transformation, network modernization and system integration.

Our Infrastructure Services Include,

-  Migration
-  Deployment
-  Cloud Provisioning
-  Infra Optimization and Stabilization
-  Monitoring and Management
-  Day-to-Day operations
-  Security monitoring
-  Software upgrades
-  Back-up
-  Disaster Recovery
-  Audit Log 



IBS Agile & DevOps services help clients achieve agility in these challenging times. Our adaptive Distributed Agile-DevOps practices with effective collaboration tools ensures seamless remote operations.

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IBS Agile & DevOps services help clients achieve agility in these challenging times. Our adaptive Distributed Agile-DevOps practices with effective collaboration tools ensures seamless remote operations.

iBusiness's Agile Transformation Services helps companies achieve greater agility to accelerate business change. We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the business verticals.

Our seamless, end-to-end approach helps organizations provide high-quality software delivery and improve responsiveness to business and customer demands.

Our Experience Comprises of,
-  Certified and trained agile professionals 

-  Well Defined agile frameworks


Streamline IT by bringing business, development and operations teams together and applying automated processes.

IBS helps Organizations to Deliver applications at the pace of business with comprehensive DevOps services.


Application delivery has shifted from large-scale, project-based implementations to a continuous evolution. DevOps makes this possible by bringing business, development and operation teams together and applying automated processes to streamline IT.

IBS helps Our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing DevOps,

  • Time to market , Reduce time to market by up to 50 percent through streamlined software delivery. 

  • Throughput, Increase team productivity and deliver new functionality faster.

  • Risk, Early identification of quality concerns, reduction of defects across the life cycle up to 30 percent.

  • Resiliency, Operational state is more stable and secure and changes are systematically available.



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